Living for a Greater Purpose

We often talk about the word vision as it refers to organizations, churches, ministries, businesses.  Great resources are spent on developing the perfect vision or mission statement that will clearly define the existence of various groups.  In the Christian world, the verse from Proverbs that say “where there is no vision, the people perish” is often used to advocate the need for strong visionary leadership.  Even the phrasevisionary leader has become a buzz phrase that supposedly sets certain leaders apart from others.  But is vision solely or even mainly intended for organizations?  What about individual lives?  Aren’t they at least as worthy of great vision as any organization?

This is a topic I’ve been thinking on for a few days and would love to have your thoughts on the general concept of personal vision.  In addition, I’d love to have others share there personal vision for life.  Together, we can all be inspired to live life for a greater purpose perhaps.

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  1. john Collier Reply →

    Josh, very interested in the “Develop” aspect of Intentional Ministries and would like to see what you have written and created under this umbrella. Do you have key questions that you address? Resources you point to or suggest? Goals or vision to advance in ministry with juniors in high school?

    I would like to understand as much as possible about your ministry and how Intentional Ministries is framing both substance and method “indigenously” with millennials or Gen Xers.

    You are on target with a critical need, an immediate need, and a need that is growing more acute every day in a cosmopolitan, sound bite, instant gratification, pluralistic, post modern world.

    Look forward to more conversation from you and with you…and to do this right it will take many hours and many months and lots of engaging dialogue. Hang in there…this may be a lifetime calling for Intentional Ministries.

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