Our story is one told far too often: Child grows up in the church, attends VBS and is part of an active (and often interactive) children’s ministry before moving into adolescence and becoming a part of the youth group. During middle school and into high school, the student goes to camps, retreats, serves on mission trips, even leads Bible studies or plays in the youth worship band or choir. Then during their junior or senior year, they start pulling back on their involvement before heading off to college where faith disappears or is even publicly renounced.

Several studies have shown the rate of students abandoning faith connection between high school graduation and junior year in college somewhere between 60% and 90%. There are numerous reasons for such numbers: poor discipleship, lost in transition, high turnover of youth ministry leaders, and stagnation of spiritual growth to name just a few. Throw in the massive societal shift to post-modernity and all hope may seem lost. It isn’t.

The college years pose some of the most significant challenges to young adults. During these years they will choose careers, often times meet their future spouse, and formulate their prevailing worldview. Yet according to the statistics, the church has it’s smallest impact on the group facing some of the biggest decisions they will ever make.

After decades ministering to teenagers, the realization that the very students so many resources had been poured into were leaving the church by the thousands demanded both new approaches and resources. Intentional Ministries was founded to focus on providing resources and training to ministry leaders and connection assistance to students in order to change the number of students abandoning faith after high school.

We would love the opportunity to help your children, your ministry, and/or your church write a different story: A story where our children become life-long passionate pursuers of Christ living in community with other believers.