Scott Austin

Scott has years of pastoral experience including many years focusing on students. He is currently the bi-vocational senior pastor of The Park church as well as a business consultant. Scott provides leadership and input for several other ministries, including serving as the board chair for Blueprint Ministries here in San Antonio.

Andy Brown

Andy is the Student Pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church in San Antonio. With over two decades in student ministry, Andy has served a variety of geographical and socioeconomic demographics in churches ranging in size from small to megachurch. Andy also has worked with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Still Water Sports Camps, and other student-focussed ministries over the years.

Richard Ellwood

Richard is a successful commercial real estate developer based in San Antonio who bought into our vision early on. He has a great heart for young people and has supported and served several youth ministry organizations over the years, including serving on the area board of YoungLife.

Steve Fyke

Steve spent many years serving in the accounting and finance departments of oil and gas companies in Houston before taking his talents and passions to the nonprofit world. Steve recently retired from his role with ProVision and its charter school for urban students in Houston, where he oversaw the business office and campus operations. Steve has a heart for the needy and is involved with numerous charities in the Houston area as well as serving on the board of Strong Missions in Costa Rica.

John Riley

John is a lawyer who gave up practice a few years back and now uses his legal and leadership skills as the managing partner of Omni Resources, a San Antonio based oil and gas company. As is the case with the other members here, John has lent his leadership and legal advice to numerous nonprofits over the years.

Jeff Thomas

Jeff is the managing partner of the Live Oak Group, a wealth management partnership of Morgan Stanley. With a focus on helping clients be more generous and mentoring other financial advisors nationwide to do the same, Jeff has achieved numerous awards in the financial sector including recognition by Barron’s as one of the top advisors in the state and nation. Jeff’s charitable involvement list is long and includes Medical Bridges, Child Advocates, Kingdom Advisors, and National Christian Foundation.