Josh Arrington’s passion for students to embrace the Gospel and connect relationally in the local church is unmatched and vital to the propagation of the Faith among the emerging generation.
Matt Kessler, Lead Pastor – Grace Fellowship
Intentional Ministries has the right theology combined with the right methodology at the right time in American church history. Students now have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with churches before they begin their college careers.
Brit Carpenter, Executive Pastor – WatersEdge Church (at time of working with IM)
Josh and his team at IM are experts in youth culture. Very few have a grasp on the 15-20 something age group: How they think, what moves them, the ideas, technology, and even theology they value. Not only does IM know the what, they know the why. This is critical when it comes to communicating to this generation.
Ken White, Former San Antonio YoungLife Metro Director
Based on over 20 years of ministry and research, Intentional Ministries is a leader in building a bridge for the church to the next generation and the next generation to the church.
Gilbert Hernandez, San Antonio Youth for Christ Executive Director
Intentional Ministries has been fantastic to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable, well researched and easy to work with. We couldn’t have made the rapid progress we’ve experienced without their input and fantastic support.
David Roper, Student Director – Alamo Heights UMC
Intentional Ministries offered not only tailored solutions but a tailored approach that fit who we are as an organization.
When it comes to being informed about the ministry needs of younger generations, IM is the first place we look for guidance. Their approach bridges the gap between the best research available and practical application and produces excellent strategic planning solutions
Intentional Ministries has a comprehensive understanding of how younger generations connect to truly impactful and meaningful faith communities. Their curriculum and approach establishes a firm foundation for churches and youth ministries, giving a solid game plan with a holistic approach for each student. Intentional Ministries comes alongside churches and ministries to help guide, strategize, educate and equip leaders. One of the most exciting aspects of the ministry is how Intentional Ministries is connecting high school students to college ministries and churches well before a student ever steps foot on campus. Intentional Ministries fills a major role in keeping faith communities and younger generations on mission for God’s Glory!
Cory Albracht, Legacy Seven Consulting