Equipping ministry leaders and parents to fully prepare students for college is a large part of what we do. Too often, ministries get caught in the “evangetainment” trap, doing all kinds of activities to attract or “interest” students and grow numerically. Unfortunately, impactful discipleship is often lost in the process.

We believe your ministry can be generationally relevant, prepare students to be life-long followers of Christ, and still be engaging. We also believe parents are the greatest influencers in student lives and that their involvement is crucial. When all of these attributes are in place, both numerical and spiritual growth can occur together.


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Developing custom curriculum for discipleship that matches the culture of your church or ministry can be difficult. We take into account your goals, the language of your organization, and the cognitive level of your audience when recommending or creating discipleship materials.

Our goal is to help increase Biblical knowledge, provide understanding for real life application, and prepare ministry leadership to have maximum effectiveness.



Years are spent preparing and searching for the right university. Great resources are expended in prepping for entrance exams, visiting schools, arranging financial aid, and investigating campus environments.Yet very little if any attention is given to finding the right church and/or ministry to continue a student’s spiritual journey.

Connecting students to college ministries and churches doesn’t happen easily.As one group of students graduates and moves on, another group quickly replaces them, and for a number of reasons, graduates are moving further and further away for their next step in life. We network with ministries and churches everywhere to assist students in building connections before they leave home.